Our Toronto Pearson
location is now open!

Toronto Pearson International Airport

IAL facility warehouse

Located just a five minute drive from the Toronto Pearson International Airport the International Animal Lounge YYZ is a 1000 sq ft facility dedicated to caring for small animals before or after their travel, or while they are in transit through Toronto during a layover. Instead of staying in the airline cargo areas, your pet will be brought to our facility where they can stretch their legs indoors, chase a tennis ball around, cuddle with our staff, or just rest before the next leg of their journey.

We can also arrange to pick up or deliver your pet as well as set up space for them to spend the night before or after their journey if you are unable to deliver the animal to the airline within their required time frame.

Kennel Runs

stables for livestock
ramp used for unloading livestock

At both of our locations we have specially designed kennel runs for our canine visitors to utilize. These runs are four feet wide, six feet tall, and ten feet long to allow even a large dog ample space to move around. They are constructed with white plexi glass so that they can be easily disinfected between visitors and we can ensure the health of all animals who stay with us. For our feline visitors we have smaller bank kennels which are separated from the canine kennels for their comfort.