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Calgary International Airport YYC

Located at the Calgary International Airport (YYC), the International Animal Lounge YYC facility is 10,000 sq. ft. that is fully dedicated to the boarding of animals. We are a quick 10 minutes from large, small, and exotic pet animal veterinary clinics if your pet requires medical attention.

The Calgary Airport Authority's 20,000 sq. ft. Special Cargo Facility is also available to us for loading/offloading and short term boarding of small and large animals, and is conveniently located under the same roof.

Our facility also has a large outdoor courtyard for your pets to get some fresh air and the entire building is fenced so that they may be taken for a walk without any worry. Our facility is also secured with an alarm system, as well as 24/7 CCTV indoor and outdoor camera monitoring.

IAL facility warehouse

Kennel Runs

stables for livestock
ramp used for unloading livestock

At both of our locations we have specially designed kennel runs for our canine visitors to utilize. These runs are four feet wide, six feet tall, and ten feet long to allow even a large dog ample space to move around. They are constructed with white plexi glass so that they can be easily disinfected between visitors and we can ensure the health of all animals who stay with us. For our feline visitors we have smaller bank kennels which are separated from the canine kennels for their comfort.

Horse Stalls

international animal lounge stables
ramp used for loading livestock

We have a custom-designed permanent ramp and extra tall stalls to ensure the well being of your animals is maintained, and to improve the safety of the handlers. The ramp is covered with 3/4 inch rubber mats, and is flat at the top with a long slope. The stalls are 10 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet with 3/4 inch rubber matting. The floor beyond the matting is also coated with an epoxy for extra traction.

Horses are provided with timothy hay and buckets of water, and are monitored until cleared by CBSA and CFIA. Horses are required to stay at IAL as per CFIA policy to allow horses sufficient time to rest after their journey before they continue by road transport to their quarantine location. While these stalls were designed for horses, they can also accommodate most halter-broke large animals.

Large Animal Boarding

ramp used for loading livestock
ramp used for loading livestock

We provide pleasure/competition horses traveling to or from Calgary with custom stalls to rest, eat, sleep, or have a nice roll before or after loading the plane or a trailer to their new homes. This is an approved CFIA policy. This alleviates a lot of stress in the transport process as a calm horse is a safe horse. Stalls face across from each other so that the horses can see their travel buddies the entire time.

Horses are provided with a rubber-matted 10' x 10' x 10' stall bedded with pine shavings, two water buckets, and timothy hay. The bars on the fronts of the stalls are narrowly spaces so that hooves cannot get caught in between.

We also use these stalls for competition alpacas and lambs. For alpacas, we provide paper or cardboard shreddings, as it is better for their coats.

A record of health is also provided to the owner or driver, and if leaving Calgary, included in the travel documents so that the owner can know their horses' activities and health.

ramp used for loading livestock
ramp used for loading livestock

If you are traveling or sending another type of pet on a plane, we will ensure your pet receives the best care possible, and that it reaches its destination without any problems.

At this time we do not provide boarding services for any animals other than horses, alpacas, dogs, and cats, and can only house them until CFIA or CBSA has cleared them upon import and they are picked up by owners or transportation companies, or while they are waiting for delivery to their plane.

We are able to book space at the YYC Special Cargo Facility for large animals flying on planes that need a larger space, such as livestock or animal plane charters.

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