We take comfort seriously.
Very seriously.

International Animal Lounge

Premium resort and flight services for your pets on planes

Welcome to the International Animal Lounge! We have two locations available to cater your pet’s each and every need while travelling the world. With convenient locations in close proximity to the airports, we serve both the Calgary International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Our locations allow us to easily collect your pet from their airline travels, and provide a space where they can relax before, between, or after their flights. We can also arrange to handle documentation and logistics for your pet to arrive at the airport for their travels. At the International Animal Lounge, we’re experts at pet travel and comfort! Your pets are part of our family while they are with us.

Here at the International Animal Lounge we pride ourselves on offering comfort stops for pets who are in transit through our partner airlines. When a pet arrives early in the morning and doesn’t have a connecting flight until much later in the day, there are no facilities in the cargo areas specifically designated for them. We're here to help!

ramp used for loading livestock
ramp used for loading livestock

What's Included?

  • Pick up and delivery to and from the International Animal Lounge in our pet friendly van.
  • Designated kennel space for your pet with an appropriate size water bowl and water, dog bed, or blanket, and feeding as provided by owner.
  • Cuddles and playtime with our staff during their time at the lounge.
  • Updates about your pet if requested. We’re happy to chat with you about how your family member is doing while they are with us.

What’s Not Included?

  • Kennel Cleaning – We can offer this service if necessary but there is an additional charge.
  • Veterinary Care – We have veterinary clinics nearby if required. These charges would be additional based on the care required.
  • Additional equipment or supplies – In the event that your pet’s water bottle is leaking into its carrier and making its bed wet, we are happy to provide a replacement, but there will be an additional charge. Also if the pet’s kennel is damaged we can assist in the purchase of a replacement on short notice.
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